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 This page is created to share the experiences of the Tanzania Team. We hope you will enjoy the stories, comments and pictures. In the coming months The Team will continue to share their experiences in Tanzania from worship to working at Irente to Safari.

Tanzania Christmas


You can also read updates from Tom and Sue MacPherson at their blog: http://macphersonmission.blogspot.com/

Read about Christmas Celebrations in Tanzania and Germany and the Green Mambo snake that was found at Irente!


                     Irente Children’s Home


      Irente Children’s Home is a mission of the Northeast Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania.  It is located in the Usabara Mountains in the Lushoto District of the Tanga Region.  The orphanage provides care to infants through toddlers whose mothers have died or are unable to care for them.  Presently there are also four older children who reside at the home, attend school, and help out with the younger children.

     After a lo7.36 working in the shambang drive and traveling a mile up the mountain on dirt roads, the Team arrived at Irente to a welcome from the students complete with a song and a bouquet of flowers for each. We stayed in the Hostel and had our meals with Tom and Sue.  Every afternoon Chai (tea) was provided by the students.

     While at Irente, we had the opportunity to experience life as Tom and Sue have done for the last two and one-half years.  We began with a tour of the property, and saw the pigs, cows, the bull, and the many fruits and vegetables that are grown on this working farm. There are beautiful flower gardens throughout the property cared for by the students.  Each student has her own section she is responsible for.7.05 Laundry by hand

     The students at Irente work the farm, care for the babies, do laundry, (by hand) do dishes, (by hand outdoors) and cook on a wood burning stove.

     During our week at Irente, the mornings were filled with playing with the infants, teaching the older children, painting the kitchen, and working in the Shamba (garden).  In the afternoon the 7.51home from churchTeam had the opportunity to walk to Irente Farm, Irente View Point, and tour the Blind School.  You can truly see God’s work all around this place from the infants to the staff to the scenery.

     We ended our stay at Irente worshiping at Irente Church, having Chai, and walking back up to Tom and Sue’s with some of the children who had attended worship. 



Irente Kitchen Project


This summer the team spent part of their time at Irente Children’s home painting the kitchen prep area. St John’s raised enough fund to repair the prep room as well as have a walkway built connecting the cooking kitchen with the main building. This will allow the food to be carried between the two buildings without getting wet during the rainy season and well as provide shade during the hot summer months. We also purchased 2 tables and 8 chairs to provide more seating in the dining room. Now there are enough seats for the staff to eat together. Here are the before and after pictures of the project.

CIMG4991     CIMG4993     7.34b

This is the prep room before it was painted and the workers painting it.

DSC00248       DSC00184 The  finished room.

DSC00198    DSC00251    DSC00253

The walkway was built.                        Tables and chairs were delivered.


Worship at Kana Lutheran Parish


and Masarvani Shamba Subparish


On Sunday, August 4, 2013 the Tanzania Team arrived at Kana for a 7:30 A.M. worship service.  Also in attendance at the Service was the former Prime Minister of Tanzania, David Myakyusa.  We were directed to our seats and were overwhelmed by the large amount of worshippers in attendance.  In addition, in Tanzania many worshippers come late to the service, and are directed to their seats throughout the service.Pr Tricia preaches at Kana, Tanga

Even though the service was in Swahili, it was both inspiring and moving.  At times, we were able to recognize the Apostle’s Creed and The Lord’s prayer by the rhythm of the words. Pastor Tricia preached the sermon in English, and it was translated by Pastor Kopeocka.

Offering is quite interesting in Tanzania. The offering envelopes are at the entrance of the church, and the congregation takes their envelopes before worship. The offering baskets are placed

in the front of the Church, and the Congregation comes up to the baskets and places their offering in the baskets with outstretched arms.  In fact there are two offerings.

The service at Kana ended with Pastor Tricia and Pastor Kopeocka walking up the center aisle and everyone gathered outside.

Subparish BreakfastFrom Kana, the team traveled to the sub-parish of Masrvani Shamba where we were shown true Tanzanian hospitality, Breakfast before the 11:00 A.M. worship service and lunch after the service, both cooked outside on an open fire. Even though the Sub-Parish is small, and there were wooden benches, a dirt floor, and no glass windows, the service was just as inspiring as the larger service at Kana.  At times during the service, it was pouring, but the spirits were not dampened, as the six people in the choir were inspiring.

The service concluded with an outdoor gathering where an auction took place.  If a parishioner does not have money for the offering, they bring something they harvested or a live chicken to be auctioned and the money goes into their envelope.

Our worship at Kana and Marsavani Shamba was an experience we will not forget.  We have seen God’s work in another culture across the ocean and another continent.




Auction at subparish


The Team Travels To Tanga


3.4 Ready to go to Tanga

On Friday, August 3, the Team arrived in Dar Es Salaam, and was met by Pastor Kpeocka and our driver Charles.  We traveled by vehicle to Tanga and Kana Parish.  We had a tour of the church and listened to a senior choir.  We then went to the Mkonge Hotel where we met up with Tom and Sue.  It was great to see them again.

Pr Tricia planting her mango tree

On Saturday morning we arrived at Kana where we were fed breakfast and had the opportunity to meet the staff of Kana.  After breakfast, we each planted a mango tree.  From there it was on to travel by vehicle down many dirt roads to visit sub parishes of Kana.  A sub-parish is a developing church with very limited resources.



Kana subparish

4.34 Pr Tricia & Mary join the choir


After a restful afternoon, we went back to Kana and had the opportunity to observe, listen and participate (for some) two choir practices.  The first choir we observed was a youth choir.  They were full of energy, and their voices resounded from the cement floor and walls into our hearts and minds.  We then went into the church and observed the adult choir.  The words and music resounded from the church walls into our hearts once again, so much so that Mary and Pastor Tricia were up and rehearsing also.  Our team also had the opportunity to practice our song, ”We are Marching”, and we felt the energy as members of the choir got up to sing with us.  Choir practice ended with the powerful words of the Hallelujah Chorus and a prayer by Pastor Kopeocka.