7 Wonders of an Awesome God

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Two members of our community traveled to Ireland this past wCliffs of Mohreek. In sharing updates on Facebook they posted a picture of the coast with the title, “How could someone not believe in God?”

It’s. true.  Many do not see evidence of God’s existence in nature. Some see the wonders of the world as explainable accidents or random acts of chemistry and biology.

But the psalmist writes, “You are the God who works wonders!”  God the creator is still at work in the world today – creating and re-recreating all the earth and and even us!

What wondrous things that God has done can you give praise for?  Here is my list for 7 Wonders of an Awesome God!

7 – The Moon – think about it.  The moon is totally cool.
6 – The Ocean – The roar, the power, the depth, the mystery.
5 – Rainbows – I know, maybe cliche, and I know science tells us why, but come on, God made a promise, and the rainbow is the reminder.
4 – Mt. Kilimanjaro – We saw it with our companion church in Tanzania, breathtaking.
3 – The Church – Think about the ways you have experienced love, hope, and joy in the church; what a gift we have in community.
2 – The Gift of Family – Parents, Children, Babies, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, those who call us family even when we aren’t related.
1 – You.  You are a miracle.  You are a gift from God.  You are wonderful and are a wonder for the world.  You are the light of the World!

Well that’s my list for 7 Wonders of an Awesome God!  What would make your list? Click on the Comments button to share!


Leigh Anne said...

LOVE. Love would definitely make the list. Love covers so many things: appreciation, affection, understanding, compassion, passion, forgiveness, bliss, respect, partnership, trust…

Love would definitely make my list. Love is special. There are so many different types of love. True and deep love for a friend, being in love with a friend. And then love in the marital sense. Love as a passion. I could go on forever. But love, definitely LOVE. :)

Linda Soltysiak said...

My comments are in no particular order. Just thinking of what I would write was a devotional time that I didn’t expect.

New Born Babies – This is my favorite miracle from God. He created this little tiny person complete with finger nails, little toes, eye lashes, the funny little faces.

Beautiful Scenery – Experiencing one beautiful scene, or picture, after another. God’s hands did all this.

The Night Time Stars – What an over whelming feeling it is looking up into the night sky, and knowing that this bigger than just huge. Looking up into the dark sky on Thursday nights; it is just God, me and my trash.

Faith – Faith and faith alone is all you have, and all you ever need. I always think I need more, but God is always enough. Faith will get you through the hardest of hard times.

People – You are going to think this one is odd, but did you ever meet someone maybe just in passing, and think to yourself how glad that your paths have crossed. Even those people that we want to hurry along, God might have something to do with that also. God directs us along this pathway one person at a time.

Me – Just how awesome is it that I am a child of God. He picked me and made me who I am. Obviously he didn’t make me rich and famous with gold in my pockets. My gold is much deeper in that God gave me my own talents to share that are only of me. I’m not a copy, but the original. Now that is a miracle. Do I hear an Amen?

The Grand Canyon – Now this is a miracle. God put this all together by himself and no over time. Since I’m not a fan of high places, my FAITH tells me that the bottom of the canyon is also beautiful.

This list is subject to change as life goes on.

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