Behind the Word: One

Left Split

John 17:20-26

“Just like Home”

In June, 2008 members of St John’s Global Companionship Team traveled to our companion partners, Kana Lutheran Parish in Tanga, Tanzania.  On a Monday morning we found our way traveling to a sub-parish of Kana amidst the Massai people.  The church was built with thin trees, stripped of bark and bound together, a corrugated tin roof protected the assembly from sun and rain.  Stones are piled not far from the framed structure, when there are enough the walls will be built.  While I preached cows grazed nearby and goats watched while perched on the building stones.   When it came time for baptism a thin serving tray was brought out and water poured to it’s shallow brim.  The Massai children sang and danced.

As we were leaving one from our party declared, “It was just like home!”  “Really?” I asked, “That was one of the most unique experiences I have ever had.”  “Yes,” she replied, “but consider; we shared the Word – even if it was read in Kiswahili – we heard the Word proclaimed in preaching, there was water and so we Baptized, we prayed, the children’s choir sang, it’s just like home!”

Christ has made us one.  All of us.  The whole church.  The whole world.  We are one, that God’s love be known.

How do you experience the “One-ness” we have in God?  Where have you seen God at work lately?  Click “comment” to share your thoughts.

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