Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?

Left Split

Luke 7:11-17

Bill Martin Jr.’s classic is a favorite for children.  They love the repetition and colorful illustrations.  “Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see?  I see a red bird looking at me.  Red bird, Red bird, what do you see?…”

If you asked an animal in the Gulf, how would they answer?  “White bird, White bird what do you see? I see all my friends stuck in oil, looking at me.”

I see a mess.  An oily, sticky, catastrophe.  What do you see?

In Luke’s Gospel a widow in the village of Nain is at the end of her rope.  If the loss of her husband was not enough, now her son has died – the deepest pain a mother could ever feel.  Jesus comes, not to the temple or into her home, Jesus comes into the middle of the funeral procession, moves through the crowd to get up to the family, and takes hold of the casket.  He grabs the casket, and through the tears he sheds for the woman’s sake, declares a word of life.

What we might see is death.  What we might see is a mess (in the gulf or in our own life).  What we see might seem impossible to get out of.

Into the middle of our mess; even into the middle of a catastrophic event – Jesus takes hold, places his hands on our burden, on our “impossible,” on our “death” and declares a word of life!

Imagine the crowd – after their shear amazement – imagine the celebration – A miracle!  I am here to witness to you that miracles still happen today!  God is still at work.  God is still moving.  God’s love still reigns!

I don’t know how the oil spill will be “fixed.”  I do know that God is working through all those on the scene and around the world.  God will even work through creation to bring about healing.

Into this mess (and the mess you may be dealing with) I declare LIFE in the name of Jesus!  I can see a miracle coming – what do you see?

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