Remembering God’s Promises

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Do you know this old prayer joke, circulating now in email?

Dear Lord,
Thank you for this day,
I have not sinned at all today,
I have not been grumpy to my spouse,
I have not been short with my children,
I have not been argumentative with my boss.
But now it’s time to get out of bed, and I may need your help.

Sometimes I feel that way, maybe especially on a Monday.  Or on any day when it seems like the “to do” list is an impossible mountain to climb.  Or we may feel that way when we know we have to deal with conflict.  Or we may feel that way when we wake up tired, not looking forward to the day or week ahead.

In Romans Paul teaches us the result of receiving the Gospel: the obedience of faith.  This “obedience of faith,” is not the same as trying to be obedient to a set of rules (which we find, that even on our best day we can not do).  The Obedience of Faith is a practice in remembrance.  The Obedience of Faith is about remembering that I (we) am (are) a child (children) of God!  Say that with me, “I am a Child of God.”

Now that we remember whose we are, to whom we belong, who it is that saved us – well then, we can do ALL things.  Remembering that Christ lived, died, and rose again, that I might have life – I can be sure Christ is with me today!  Remembering the power that God has and remembering God’s Promises to me – I can face the day!

This is the Obedience of Faith – Remembering God’s Amazing Love for you – for me – for all of God’s children.

What’s a promise from God that gets you through the day?  I’ve only listed 10 in the link – there are certainly more!  Leave a comment to keep the devotion going!

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