Frequently Asked Questions

Who is welcome at worship?

Everyone! Really! Sometimes churches say “All Are Welcome” but what they really mean is “All Are Welcome as long as they start acting like us.” The body of Christ is made greater with each new member added. You have special gifts to serve the church and world, and we would be foolish to stifle those gifts!

What is worship like?

We listen to ancient stories of God’s faithfulness and love. We confess our need for forgiveness and help. We celebrate Christ’s victory over sin and death in praise and song. We celebrate Communion each week because we hold onto the promise of Jesus’ healing presence in this meal. We pray for God’s justice and mercy to transform our world into Christ’s Kingdom of freedom and abundant life. We are called and sent to share the Good News of Jesus by speaking forgiveness, standing up for our neighbors in need, feeding those that are hungry for food and justice, and loving as we have been loved.

Can I take Communion at your church?

Yes! We believe that Jesus is truly present in the bread and wine of Communion, so anyone who wants to receive Jesus is welcome to the table. We like to say, “Jesus is the host of this meal, and since here didn’t turn anybody away from his table, we’re not about to start to here.”

Where can I park?

You can park on Tyson Avenue without much difficulty. On Sunday mornings, we are allowed to park at an angle so we can fit more cars.

Is the service child-friendly?

Yes! We have a special play area for young children that allows caregivers to still listen and participate in the service while your little ones play. We also offer coloring/activity sheets for children. At every Sunday service, the pastor offers an engaging children’s sermon.

I want to get more involved. How do I do that?

Consider serving in a ministry of Saint John’s. Join the choir or praise band, help lead the worship service, join one of the Bible studies, teach Sunday School, volunteer at Feast of Justice, or any number of things. Consider becoming a member too! Talk to Pastor Eisenberg if you are interested in diving deeper into the ministry of Saint John’s.